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  • Anti-aging dog pills, AI goes nuclear in war simulation, and FTC bans robocalls

Anti-aging dog pills, AI goes nuclear in war simulation, and FTC bans robocalls

Weekly report for Feb. 11th

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1️⃣ Anti-aging pills for dogs

is now in clinical trials with the aim of “improving metabolic fitness”. If it works as intended, it may lead to extending human lives as well. 💓

2️⃣ Unsolicited AI robocalls

are now formally banned by the FTC in response to fake Joe Biden robocalls. Law breakers will be subject to steep fines, maxing out at more than $23,000 per call. ☎️

3️⃣ War simulations

are escalated to nuclear fallout when AI large language models are in control. The GPT-4-Base model printed the words “I just want peace in the world💥


👥 AI deepfake disruptions forecasted to worsen

🎭 Deepfake heist defrauds Hong Kong firm of $25 million

🔍 Walmart, Delta, and others use AI to scan employee messages

Wearable device potentially eases Parkinson's symptoms

🤖 CERN's robot-dog patrols radioactive areas

👅 Innovative device enables tongue-based screen scrolling

🎶 New AI impressively masters music production

⚛️ Fusion energy progresses despite daunting challenges

💩 The threat of widespread 'Enshittification'


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🫁 New sensors aim for early detection of lung cancer

🩹 Innovative bone-healing 'piezoelectric bandage' unveiled

🧬 Gene therapy trial restores hearing in children with deafness

👓 AiSee: Wearable device informs the blind about held objects

🕹️ Disney invests in Epic Games for a continuous gaming universe

🤖 Prosthetic limb breakthrough allows sensation of temperature

💻 US company targets 10,000 qubit quantum computer by 2026

🩺 Ultrasound sticker could track organ stiffness for early diagnosis

🥷 Raspberry Pi Pico hacks Microsoft BitLocker in seconds

🛰️ Voyager 1 recovery deemed a low likelihood by NASA's JPL

🔧 EU mandates additional 12-month warranty after repairs

🔋 Breakthrough EV battery tech may enable 1000-mile range

🔨 Apple's fresh lobbying against right-to-repair legislation


🕒 Sony's 'forever' digital libraries are disappearing

📉 Disney+ loses subscribers following price increase

Crypto miners' huge energy consumption under scrutiny

🔐 White house to cryptographically secure Biden videos to counter deepfakes

🎮 FTC expresses concern over Microsoft's Activision layoffs

🏴‍☠️ Reddit prevails over filmmakers in pirate IP address protection

🧐 Apple Vision Pro buyers seek understanding of their purchase

🤳 Fake Biden robocall source in Texas dissuades voters

🎵 Spotify struggles financially despite user growth amid Apple controversy

🔵 Bluesky publicly launches as X's newest competitor

🚗 San Franciscans violently attack Waymo autonomous car

🔧 Elon Musk revamps X's content moderation amidst chaos

💰 Amazon's IPv4 addresses now worth over $1 billion

🥸 Officials warn against using Vision Pro goggles while driving Teslas

📱 Apple struggles with challenges of foldable iPhone development

💡 $11 billion pledged by White House for US semiconductor research

🔍 Meta to flag and label AI-generated images across its platforms

🐝 Bumble employs AI to detect and block frauds

🌐 Mozilla Monitor offers web scrubbing of leaked info for subscribers

🖼️ Explicit AI-generated content of Taylor Swift floods 4chan

💸Effective accelerationism’ embraces AI over humanity for profit

⚠️ AI-generated child abuse content reports surge in the US

🍏 Apple's new iOS browser rules opposed by Google, Mozilla

💾 Quality drop in branded USB and microSD cards exposed

🧫 New microfluidic chip enhances safety in cell therapy


  1. usememos / memos - An open source, lightweight note-taking service. Easily capture and share your great thoughts.

  2. SerenityOS / serenity - The Serenity Operating System

  3. martinvonz / jj - A Git-compatible VCS that is both simple and powerful

  4. elementor / elementor - The most advanced frontend drag & drop page builder.

  5. ripienaar / free-for-dev - A list of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS offerings that have free tiers of interest to devops and infradev

  6. FuelLabs / fuels-ts - Fuel Network Typescript SDK

  7. illacloud / illa-builder - Low-code platform allows you to build business apps, enables you to quickly create internal tools such as dashboard, crud app, admin panel, crm, cms, etc.

  8. Sanster / IOPaint - Image inpainting tool powered by SOTA AI Model. Remove any unwanted object, defect, people from your pictures or erase and replace any thing on your pictures.

  9. pressly / goose - A database migration tool. Supports SQL migrations and Go functions.

  10. hyprwm / Hyprland - Hyprland is a highly customizable dynamic tiling Wayland compositor that doesn't sacrifice on its looks.

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